“Bermyancheck” Kryashen Folk Ensemble Concert

“Bermyancheck” Kryashen Folk Ensemble Concert The founder of “Bermyanchek” (the name translates as “the willow”) ensemble folklorist G. M. Makarov has recorded and transcript many songs, dances and instrumental traditions of different Kryashen ethnic groups, so the ensemble could have a vast repertoire of the brightest folk compositions. “Bermyanchek” Kryashen ensemble and “Torama” Mordovian folk ensemble will perform on the same stage at December, 13, to show the audience the great variety of folk traditions.
Venue: I. M. Yaushev State Musical Theatre (Saransk, Khmelnitsky street, 36)
Tickets cost: 200 – 450 rubles
When: 12/13/2015 from 10.00 to 12.00


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