“Bermyancheck” Kryashen Folk Ensemble Concert

“Bermyancheck” kryashen ensemble and “Torama” mordovian folk ensemble will perform on the same stage at December, 13, to show the audience the great variety of folk traditions.

The “Bermyancheck” Kryashen State Folk Ensemble received a grant from the President of Tatarstan

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov signed an Ordinance №УП-16 from 19.01.2016 “About awarding with the grant of the President of Tatarstan in the field of Arts, Culture and Cinematography in 2016” in order to support the most significant creative projects of the leading performing groups.

Gennady Makarov: Recreating the Sound

Every year, at June 23, we celebrate the International day of folk musicians. There’s an important figure in Kryashen ethnomusicology for who the folk musical instruments play the most vital role in his life as well as in his career.

The “Willow’s garden” Republic Orthodox Culture Festival Contest

Soon enough, at July 8, on the Patron Saint’s day of the Tikhvinsk Icon of Divine Mother, there will be the last tour of the “Willow’s garden” festival contest taking place in Kazan. By clicking this link, you can download the official contest information.

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